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Why Are Black Men Dissing Black Women?
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Why Are Black Men Dissing Black Women?

Are black men dissing black women for white women due to an inferior complex? Not to be racist, but to only be fair… you have to give Caucasian men their props. No one has done a better job of putting their women on a pedestal than white men. White culture has done such an excellent job of putting their women on a pedestal, that now everyone in the world hail to white women. Some would argue that the opposite of white is black. So would that mean that in order to put white women on the top of the pedestal, that you would put black women on the bottom? It appears so. Even though black women are among the most beautiful people on the planet!

Black men have not really done a good job of valuing black women. Needless to say, we live in a white controlled society, where white people decide what beauty is and decide exclusively what features make a woman attractive. It is quite funny that black women are placed at the bottom when people spend billions of dollars to have their features, such as bigger lips and even bigger behinds. There was a time when black women got ridiculed for possessing these very features that the world could not help but to notice would make them more attractive.

(Hey look at me. I have a white one!)

In my mind, I almost feel like everyone wants to be black, without really being black. In fact, the most unattractive thing about being black in today’s society is the social standing. Black is beautiful but no one wants the prejudice or ridicule that comes along with being black. I find it funny on one level, and yet on a completely different spectrum, I find it annoying.

But the weakness of black men does seem to shine through. Black men who find an utter fascination with white women and feel compelled to put down black women may as well wave a flag and admit that white supremacy has defeated them. Any time you are the underdog in any society, it takes a strong mind to deal with your role. You have to accept that you will be looked at differently and treated differently based on your role in this society that pretty much has declared their supremacy over you. Does this mean that black men have weak minds? Well, in a way, sure!

People become defeated and overruled by a society when they decide to let that society dictate what they should feel and how they should act, or at least, react, to the stimuli of that environment. Now is not a proud moment in black history once you realize what has happened to the masses. Especially when it comes to loving and caring for black women. No doubt, this was an engineered weakness in black men and so far, it seems that everything that has been done to break black men in America has worked without struggle. I am hoping that one day black men get their pride back and start to value their women, otherwise, the black race will not survive. I am not sure if it matters what race survives in the end, but for now, it seems pretty relevant to think better of one’s self and race to at least value the beauty that lies there.

Not to say that white women or women of any other race are less attractive, but to honor and respect the attractive qualities that black women possess is paramount. There are many negative qualities that black women possess. But there are negative qualities that all women possess, and all men as well. That’s human nature. But to use any qualities that are negative to demean an entire ethnic gender of women is insensitive and cruel. Black women need black men to love them more than ever, due to a competing role of their white counterparts that have begun to play a huge role in the assassination of the black woman.

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Enough putting down black women and complaining about her weave. The truth is, we live in a European society where beauty is mostly judged from a European perspective. In short, we find long hair attractive. Most black women cannot grow long silky straight hair, therefore, to live up to societies standards of beauty, they wear weaves.

I personally find black texture hair beautiful on black women, and wish that more black women would show pride in wearing their natural hair, because they don’t realize how beautiful their natural hair actually is. The features of the Nubian black woman is unique and golden. Something black men should cherish. But due to the media’s interpretation of what true beauty is, black men appear to have begun dissing black women and claiming that they are not as attractive. This should change.

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