Thanksgiving Is Holiday Hell Day!

Thanksgiving Is A Grim Reminder Of How The Blood-Thirsty Europeans Savagely Slaughtered The Indigenous People Of America - Never Forget!

In the bleak of mid-winter 1620, the English ship Mayflower arrived on the North American coast with 102 separatists on board.  Four years’ prior, a British expedition slaughtered all the original native communities living along the region.  They slaughtered pregnant women, men and raped the daughters leaving a smallpox epidemic in their wake, as well as capturing Indians to serve as their slaves.  The smallpox virtually wiped out almost 95 percent of the natives within three years, destroying entire villages.  Compare this astonishing figure of the 30 percent death rate at the height of the Black Plague. The slaughtering of the original native people of America - the real gruesome British thanksgiving

The ‘Plymouth Plantation’ built by European colonisers was situated near to Pawtuxet, a native village ruined and deserted by the smallpox epidemic.  A Pawtuxet named Squanto was the only surviving native.  He was a captured slave and spend his previous years serving the English and Spanish in Europe.  Being bilingual, Squanto could communicate the invaders language, so taught them how to cultivate maize and fish for salmon.  He mediated on behalf of the colonisers and secured a peace treaty with the nearby Wampanoag tribe, headed by Chief Massasoit.  The European invaders formed an alliance with the Wampanoag and survived through the bitter winter of that year.  Native Americans say the favour was not reciprocated and that in return for Indian generosity, Pilgrims stole their grain stores and robbed Wampanoag graves.

John Winthrop, a founder of the Massachusetts Bay colony considered this wave of illness and death to be a divine miracle. He wrote to a friend in England:

“But for the natives in these parts, God hath so pursued them, as for 300 miles space the greatest part of them are swept away by smallpox which still continues among them. So, as God hath thereby cleared our title to this place, those who remain in these parts, being in all not 50, have put themselves under our protection.”

The slaughtering of the original native people of America - the real gruesome British thanksgiving colonies

William Bradford – the colony’s governor, declared a three-day feast of thanksgiving in celebration of their good fortune after that first harvest of 1621.  While Thanksgiving’s enthusiasts view it as a celebration of the boldness, piety and sacrifices of the first European migrants to American shores, the truth is that this holiday whitewashes the genocide and ethnic cleansing of indigenous people.

Plymouth Massachusetts sets a polarised and very sombre edition of the ‘Thanksgiving’ celebration for many.  Within the town you see people parading in full pilgrim attire marching towards Plymouth Rock, bearing blunderbusses whilst beating drums.  Then situated atop of ‘Coles Hill’, there you’ll see indigenous people and their supporters looking on in remembrance of the slaughtered Indians who died at the hands of the colonisers.

They call this a “National Day of Mourning.”The slaughtering of the original native people of America - the real gruesome British thanksgiving

It wasn’t long before the entire North East was colonised and the genocidal warfare continued against the original native people of America.The slaughtering of the original native people of America - the real gruesome British thanksgiving

Not hard to recognise how the ‘Thanksgiving’ celebration totally dismisses these grim historical events, but rather inadvertently revels at the systematic destruction of an indigenous people and their culture.  This only demonstrates the barbaric and savage imperialistic way of Europeans, led by an egomaniacal Christian crusade that has perpetuated a control and fear mechanism over generations of people for centuries.

The slaughtering of the original native people of America - the real gruesome British thanksgiving

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