Sex Reversing Chemicals (Atrazine) – Your Food Could Be Turning You Into A Homosexual!!!

Atrazine is a drug that chemical reverses sex hormones. The chemical has been known to feminize men and in some cases turn men completely into women on a genetic level. The drug has been in use since the 50’s. Tyrone Hayes has been trying to warn the public about atrazine but they have been threatening his life in attempt to hush him.

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Atrazine is chemical used in irrigation that has been proven to cause homosexual behavior in amphibians and other animals.


Extensive research has proven that chemicals that they are putting in food primarily consumed in Black areas, have high levels of atrazine and other chemicals that manipulate biological sex organs of human beings. Tadpoles were studied and documented to completely change their sex as they have seen where the male not only took on the role of the female but was also able to lay eggs, thereby, actually changing the sex of the frogs!

Though these have been studied and documented, there has been no change as to the rate of chemicals being used. The scientist was blocked from sharing this information and also sued. He has documented proof of the effects of their chemicals. He was asked to manipulate the data and hide the data.

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After he refused, he was told he couldn’t share his data. The scientists name is Tyrone Hayes. The males were demasculinized and castrated as well as even developing ovaries and eggs. Genetic males were able to reproduce just as females. And many of the frogs took on homosexuality. The company tried to purchase the scientists data. Then they hired scientists to refute his data. He claims his life was being threatened.

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