Mayweather Tells Kaepernick to Stand Up

Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather, is always one for controversy however, in this latest stint, his comments targeting the ‘BLM’ movement is sure to send sparks.

Mayweather spoke about his views concerning Colin Kaepernick in an interview with Flight Hype. He made it clear that ‘All Lives Matter,’ and Kaepernick needs to stand-up.

“I’m here to say All Lives Matter. A lot of the times, we get stuck and we are followers. You hear one person say, Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, no All Lives Matter.”

“What I learned from boxing…everyone can take it real lightly…is follow directions…follow orders…don’t give nobody a hard time.”

“When someone breaks in your house, when someone breaks in your car, the first thing we do is call the police. With me being a fighter and my hands being registered, if I hit a guy for breaking in my house or breaking in my car, it’s going to cost me more money. So I gotta work smarter, not harder. I’m going to call the cops. It’s not right what’s going on in this world on both sides. I think we need to communicate better and I think we need to follow directions. It’s rules and regulations to everything.”

Mayweather interview

Moreover, it may appear Mayweather is seemingly a little detached from what the general consensus is surrounding Black Lives, and he now joins an ever growing list of celebs whose sentiments concerning the Black Lives Movement, is just a little off the cuff.

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  • The Movement NEVER; NEVER SAID THAT ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER ; THEY DO ! BLACK LIVES AND BROWN LIVES ARE THE ONES THAT’S BEING TARGETED AND KILLED ; NOT WHITE LIVES ; SO THIS IS WHAT THAT STATEMENT MEAN ! HE ( Mayweathet ) never think before he speaks . He believes that his money speaks for him ; God forbid that he’s driving in one of his expensive cars and get pulled over (. You know POLICE think that only DRUG DEALERS drive these expensive cars ) what is going to do then ; this where BLACK LIVES MATTER ! You’ll just be a Black man and then you get shot for some dumb ass reason or another where’s your money then ? Right there and your ass getting harmed by a COP BECAUSE YOU LNOW ALL BLACK PEOPLE LOOK ALIKE ! This isn’t something trying to take anything from White LIVES but they’re not being TARGETED . Kapernick chose this way to respond ; I SAY WAY TO GO ; KAPERNICK !

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