We Need Dark Skin Superheroes For Black Women

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It’s time for sexy, beautiful and smart black superheros. Black Barbie is not enough to change the world. We need black superheros that don’t wear weave, and some that even have short, bald or no hair and are still made to be super sexy. We need the black woman superhero woman that rocks an Afro. Why don’t we have this?

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Marvel, purveyor of superhero franchises, has given two vocal and constantly sparring online communities a new reason to wage battle this week by changing the gender, age and race of a canonical comic book character.

Whether or not the fans were flamed on purpose is up for debate — but what’s certain is that Iron Man will soon be a 15-year-old black girl from Chicago.

Meet Riri Williams, a science prodigy who leaves the “chaos and violence” of her city behind to enroll at MIT, where eventually she reverse-engineers an Iron Man suit in her dorm room. Ever since Disney took over Marvel empire, they have certainly done their part to bring more Black superheros to the big screen. Kudos to Marvel comics, whatever their incentive is for increasing the presence of Black superheros.

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   Eartha Kitt - Catwoman:

Eartha Kitt was black and she was the original Cat Woman for DC comic books.

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It obviously has nothing to do with sex appeal. Most black women have superhero bodies. Black woman, especially the mothers, also have to become superheroes in real life. Black single mothers are real life superheroes.

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Mortal Kombat Sindel Cosplay Nubian version

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