White People Play The Race Card Far More Often Than Black People

First, it’s not just one moron’s screen name – each of you have mentioned how we are all from Africa in a lot of your posts..  Hell, that’s been the general thesis of this entire thread.
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And thank you BOTH for proving me correct.  It’s been my lifelong mission to open people’s eyes to the disgusting nigger race.  A race which has always been and forever will be lazy, corrupt, worthless and vile.

Niggers can’t focus on what they’ve achieved today (while you only represent 13% of the US population, you comprise over 40% of our prison inmates – Over 50% of you are unemployed, and there is no hope that you will ever be anything better than what you are today!
Most of your youth walk around with their pants around their knees, and worship the ‘thug life’.  Committing armed robbery at the age of 17, pulling a gun/knife on the police, and then having the audacity to scream RACISM when the ‘white’ cop shoots someone this stupid??

I’ve experienced all your race’s bullshit before – typical nigger behavior…. I have lived in big cities all my life, surrounded by you disgusting pavement apes – begging for some change, committing most of the crimes (especially violent ones), and just in general – destroying anything that humans have worked hard to create.  The metro, city buses, hell, even your own ghetto housing looks like shit – you’ve done your best destroy that too – and why not, it was given to you – it’s FREE!  Just like your food, your cell phones, and your health insurance!!

*BUT 5,000 YEARS AGO, THE NIGGERS WERE IMPORTANT!?*  Fucking please!!  It’s just a pathetic attempt to make yourselves believe you have not always been uneducated, worthless, savages.  If you want to play that game for yourselves – fine, have at it!


*DON’T FUCKING INSULT ME* and all of my white brethren by making us of African descent, just to make yourselves feel better….  it’s really a sad and pathetic attempt!  And no one is fucking believing it!

~ Sure, I might need therapy, but at least I’m living in reality!  I have nothing further to say to ANYONE who is going to use me, or my race to fabricate a lie, simply because you need to find a way to redeem yourselves – due to the way you’ve behaved over the past thousand years.

You are all a fucking joke, certainly not worth my time!  Now, pull your pants up from the ground, learn that ‘mines’ isn’t a word, and turn yourself in for all your outstanding warrants and we MAY consider you human some day…  Until then –  Good luck with trying to sell your bullshit that we were all once niggers!!  I’m sure you’ll go far!!  LMFAO!

9:10 PM

LMAO! It looks someone has race issues.. HA HA HA
It appears that someone on social media didn’t like my username, so he said his piece. Now I feel compelled to address this racist trash on Nubian Planet, the official social network and blog for Nubian people of all origins.
Mister Racist Gunn Wrights explains that it has always been his lifelong ambition to “open people’s eyes to the nigger race”. That’s quite a lifelong ambition to have. Can you imagine what he could achieve if he simply put that energy of having a lifelong ambition into something useful for the world. Curing HIV/AIDS, Cancer, stopping world starvation, ending racism (laugh out loud), or perhaps just bettering his own life? If he did this, then he wouldn’t spend his lifelong ambition opening people’s eyes up about (N-Word) race on the comment section of YouTube videos. But instead, there he is making disgusting comments and throwing around loosely every epithet known to the human language. And yet, his points are, at best, invalid.
Let’s address his first point about black people accumulating 40 percent of the prison inmates, like it’s actually black people’s fault that we are 10,000 times more likely to be put in jail for petty crimes as well as other crimes that we did not commit. Though black people are strong and have endured much, we must point out that as he stated, black people are only 13 percent of the American population. If that’s true or even slightly true, that means that there are simply not enough black people to control the racist supremacist system that was designed to keep black people slaves, long after slavery has ended. It’s simply something that, at present, black people are powerless to change. This will change. Especially, once we prevent so many black people from getting abortions and causing our own genocide of our own race, before our children are even born.
Mr. Gunn Wrights goes on to say that 50 percent of black people in the USA were unemployed. I’m not sure where he got his statistics from, but I was certain that the percentage of black people unemployed in the USA was more closer to around 10 percent. But don’t cheer just yet! The national average of unemployment in the USA is a whopping 5.5 percent with whites being only at an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent. This is indeed a high statistic. Also, you must consider that Nubian people of the USA make far less incomes than their white counterparts. Again, this goes back to how our system is designed, as well as the low number of black people in the USA. That 13 percent is a sure game changer for African Americans who live in the USA. Most wealth is controlled by white people who were able to pass down a great deal of wealth that was made by owning slaves. Now those people are our politicians, lawyers, judges, and elite people who pretty much control the economics of the United States. Also, remember, the story you have heard about the acre and a mule is completely true. But let us remember also that black people were given their forty acres and a mule. At least, black people were given land to control for a time when presented with the question of whether black people wanted to try and create their own wealth or blend in with white society. Former black slaves said they wanted to create their own wealth. And many acres of land was given to them to try and better their circumstances. However, the land that was given to these former slaves was taken back abruptly by the government and given to white people, in which black people later had to work for. Many of these white people they worked for were former slave owners and their former slave masters. This incident set a precedent for the economic relationship that would ensue between black and white people in the decades, centuries and millenniums to come.
The racist makes a claim that “there is no hope that you will ever be anything better than what you are today!” I guess makes this statement because he knows that the key players who control economics and wealth in America are all white and all of their ancestors were former slave masters. But you are wrong about that statement mister racist. I can be better that what I am today. I just have to figure out all the loopholes in your economics, laws and procedures for attaining wealth in a system that was created by you and your white ancestors. This means I cannot think like a black man when I play your game. Because the people who created your system of wealth where not black people. I now have to learn how to think more like you and your ancestors to play this game of wealth in America. I have to think like a Caucasian. Once I master that, I can be better that what I am today. In fact, mister racist, all of my Nubian people can be better tomorrow than what they are today. They just have to learn to think like you too!
Now… our racist commenter further goes on to talk about experiencing all of us black people begging for change in the streets. I’m sure he would see that if he went to an urban area with mostly black people in it. However, if our racist was educated on the matter, he would understand that there are more homeless white people than there are black people. Again, they have the larger numbers right?
Our racist also talks about how young black children have adopted use of the word thug and have also embraced the thug life mentality. It makes sense once you think about the history and design of our country. Black people have such a hard time getting ahead. The kids figured out how to be rebellious against these oppressive forces. Now I don’t condone thug mentality or black on black crime in the slightest, however, that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand why it occurs. In the wild, whenever you cut off a species food or water chain, which is key for survival, you will see the species go to unimaginable lengths to survive. Though human beings are not animals, we too, will go to extreme measures to survive and try to cope with a racist and oppressive system that has always been against the progression of black people. When that survival mechanism creeps in, you won’t see black people become more jolly or jubilant, but you will see the exact opposite. When a lion has fed, they are more tolerable and less likely to attack. However, when a lion is hungry, every living thing becomes prey. People are no different in this regard. This explains why our metro cities look like crap. People who are trying to get fed don’t worry about trying to keep their neighborhoods clean, maintaining a healthy relationship with the police, and try to stop crime in their neighborhoods. Many will actually become the crime in their neighborhoods.
Our racist thinks I am insulting him by saying that we are all African, which happens to be my user name on Google Plus. But evidence supports my claim. In just about every country and in every corner of the world, we have found caves and stones with black features and faces. We can assume with the evidence that we now have that at one time the world was in fact, all black. No one is certain how white people came to be but we do know that black people can have Albino and white babies. So it could merely be a genetic anomaly that created white people. He obviously thinks white people are better than black people which is a very stupid and stubborn accusation to make. People are all different and our thinking ability doesn’t vary by race, it varies by people. Genetics always plays some part in it as well. But I will not delve into the stupidity that he expresses in this belief. Science has proven that genetically, black genes are dominant to all other genes.
Near the end of his crazy his post, our racist points out that although he admits he needs therapy, at least he is sane. This oxymoron repudiates everything that he has expressed, which is what typical racists believe. He has admitted that his mind is not stable enough to survive in this world without therapy for his mental condition. Also, according to, low intelligence has been linked to racism.

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Facebook Comments

  • Angelica Diallo

    great post! I still wonder about these types of people. LOL

    • Me too Nubian sistah! I also wonder about these types of people myself!

      • Gunn Wrights

        You wonder about what ‘types of people’? People who tell it like it is, who bring FACTS to the table in a discussion – with citations and links to prove their point? Yeah, you should be afraid of ‘those kind’… obviously – they’re racist! No way are they trying to education the black race on what’s going on in their own communities!!

        If I can reach just 1 black person, who decides to LISTEN to the facts, and vows to make his/her or their children’s life better – then I’ve done my job. So, again, what do you find so disgusting about me… is it because I’m not a ‘Nubian sistah’? Whites can’t want to help, is that it? We’re racist for pointing out FACTS??

    • Gunn Wrights

      Great post? What so great about it? MY POSTS CONTAINS FACTS – with citations!! His post is just spewing out his opinion…. when will people realize – *FACTS* cannot be changed… no matter who you claim you ancestors were over 2000 years ago. What you are today can, and has been, measured – you all just choose to ignore that.

      Why/how can you ignore FACTS – regardless of you opinion of me? So what if I’m a racist, maybe I am, maybe I’m not…. but *NOT 1 PERSON HERE HAS ADDRESSED THE FACTS*!! Just to say, “I don’t agree with them”…. great! PROVIDE FACTS to prove my cited data wrong.

      PS – I’ll actually post the website links (not just the citations) so you can view the truth for yourself… And the next time any of you post – ***ADDRESS THE FACTS*** I’m inconsequential – the facts are what matters!! I can’t wait to see how you’ll wiggle your way out of the truth – because:


      • HelenJewels

        Yea, I don’t see any links.. LOL Your pathetic ass comes right out of a comic book! You might be white but you are not of me. I hate and detest you devil!

        • Gunn Wrights

          I provided citations, good google them you lazy bitch! Just because I didn’t include links – you can’t do the research yourself?? You can hurl your hate at me if you wish – but you can’t DENY FACTS!! Do you own homework, I’m not your mother… or, better yet – live in your liberal lie that ‘all men are equal’… I can’t wait until the first Muslim ‘refugees’ rape you (like they’ve done in Europe) – then come back here and post your liberal propaganda!!

        • Gunn Wrights

          Having pity on you, I found a couple of the links – so, here you go – smart people always have to ‘spoon feed’ the retards in the world!! Open your eyes!!

          [DEPT OF COMMERCE] In 2012, the average monthly participation rate for Blacks, 41.6 percent, was higher than that of Asians or Pacific Islanders at 17.8 percent and non- Hispanic Whites at 13.2 percent
          – ————-


 (TANF recipients)welfare

          But – you won’t bother to look, so I feel bad I bothered to provide you with the facts!! You’re a waste of my time!

  • Gunn Wrights

    I appreciate you ‘making me famous’ by posting on your web site that maybe 20 people visit a year, but I’m wondering, why did you share the post that makes me look bad, rather than the post I’ve used a million times explaining WHY I believe what I do. Here’s the REALITY – with citations!!!! (I’m sure you’ll delete this in a matter of days…. truth hurts!!)


    There are *CLEAR STATISTICS* and data, in a million different places which show niggers are the problem.

    For example, *blacks are roughly 13%* of US population [US Census Bureau, 2014], and yet they are:

    ~ 37% of our jails [Bureau of Prisons]

    ~ 39.8% on welfare/food stamps [Dept. of Commerce]

    **67% of single mothers are black [US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey],

    **43.9% of teenage births (whites are 20.5%) [US Dept. of Health & Human Services],

    ~ 37.7% of murders committed in US are by blacks [FBI Crime Statistics],

    ~ Only 33% graduate high school, 8% get a 2 year degree, less than 1% a Bachelor’s Degree [US Census Bureau, 2014],

    ~ 11% of blacks are unemployed, while another 40% are classified as ‘not in the work force’ – that’s a whopping *51% of them which are not working* [Bureau of Labor].

    ~ Of the 225,242 people who were serving time in state prisons for drug offenses in 2011, blacks made up 45% and whites comprised just 30% [Bureau of Justice Statistics]. Remember, whites are roughly 80% of the US population.

    *So, 13% of the population are 40+% of the problem – explain to me how that’s OK?*

    ~ You’re just so politically correct, you placate to them, and one day (probably when you go to collect the Social Security you paid into for 50 years, and there’s $0 there) then you’ll understand, once it’s too late… *I’M A REALIST!!!* Know your FACTS!!

    • You have expressed yourself and I highly disagree with your statement and your data. Also the fact that you feel compelled to toss around epithets like it’s the new thing in style. As far as your comment about this website, it gets a little more than 20 visitors a year. By the way, it’s only a month old. And it’s not my website. It’s a community website. A place for Nubian kings and queens, unlike yourself. You know, so we can get off of white owned social networks and have a place that we can truly call home.

      Your language is deplorable and your cut and paste statistics show your dimwitted failed approach at being a logical mind. Statistics without explanation are as useful as yesterday’s stale trash. The next question you should try to ask yourself is whether or not these statistics of yours, exist due to racism? White supremacy? Unfairness, perhaps? Get it together my man. And even if they were fully true, are statistics any reason to hate another human being? Mr Realist?

      You show exceptional prowess in mediocre hoopla and your generalization of an entire race is maddening. As much as I could use you as an example to hate white people, I don’t and I won’t. I will only pity you and pity people like you who have exploited people of every part of the world, then destroyed the planet and blame black people that your ancestors have made slaves and treated unfairly since the inception of this country. And you masquerade as the victim in this scenario. How quaint.

      By the way, if our website (true Nubian people of the planet) only gets 20 people a year, then congratulations and thank you is in order for now making it 21. Poor child. I’ve seen more sophisticated and elaborate racism come from trailer parks. You must be a racist in training.. LMAO!

      • Gunn Wrights

        I love how you spend 4 paragraphs spewing your opinion (and saying absolutely nothing, you should be a politician) – yet, when I submit *ACTUAL FACTS* – your reply is… so what, your facts are stupid and I don’t believe them?? (Your exact statement: “You have expressed yourself and I highly disagree with your statement and your data.”)

        You sound like a 2nd grader who has just been told that Santa is not real! EVERY SINGLE ONE of my statistics comes from a documented government source, often through the US Census, Dept. of Justice, Dept of Education and the likes. I did EXTENSIVE research to prove my point – so what if I copy and paste it…. that doesn’t make it untrue.

        So – you highly disagree with my data, and throw a bunch of fancy words in your ranting – and of course, the best way to excuse me, and the FACTUAL data is by simply calling me a racist….. well done my friend!! You are a race baiter – the worst kind of black person out there…. when presented with FACTS, you simply just disagree (with no facts of your own to disprove my research) call me a racist, and walk away.

        And THAT is the bullshit I’m tired of!! When are you going to take responsibility for the actions of your race? If over 40% of your so-called, “Nubian kings and queens” are in jail for violent crimes, are living below the poverty level, over half aren’t working, and over 60% of your women are single teenage mothers….. WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?? It’s great that you don’t believe in my data – but the facts are what they are – and focusing on what your race used to be over 2000 years ago – does NOT help you today!

        So please, go on and ignore the data which is right in front of you!! Don’t worry about your race’s low education level as a group. I’ve provided ACTUAL DATA PROVING my point:

        ~ Only 33% of blacks graduate high school, 8% get a 2 year degree, less than 1% a Bachelor’s Degree [US Census Bureau, 2014]~

        DISPUTE THAT…. dispute the facts – not me… I am no one of consequence – really, I’m not! But I am a messenger attempting to tell you that most of your race is going the wrong direction. So, when are you going to stop promoting these false ideas of the black race are a bunch of ‘Nubian kings and queens’ and get up off your ass AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Become a scout leader, a soccer coach, a big brother to some troubled teen…. isn’t that a better solution than finding excuse after excuse and blaming all of your problems on *RACISM*. When do you step up, as a man, and take some responsibility – teach one of your ‘young Nubians’ to pull their pants up, and stop worshiping the ‘thug’ life. THAT’S what’s getting them arrested, not Racism….

        I feel so sorry for you, that you have to blame EVERYTHING on the white man – it must be an awful world in which you live in…. you have no control over anything in your life, you can never better yourself, or become a productive member of society – because the whites won’t let you… apparently we ALL went to see you fail, so you can break into our cars and steal our stereos… are you even listening to yourself – you sound ignorant as fuck – and blaming it on the white man, is just pathetic excuse for not being able to handle the truth….

        ***I PITY YOU!****

        • You fool! I have only pointed out the flaws in what you express. You are the one to be pitied. Not me. Yet, I don’t hate you or the white man. I feel sorry for you. But like you said yourself in your own words, you admit you need therapy but think you are living in reality. How ironic is that? Quit telling people you don’t know to pull up their pants and stop being lazy. Your fabricated data doesn’t move you. You are a buster! A chump! I call you racist and you admit to being a racist and then justify it, then you get mad that I called you something you wore proudly on your chest. You need to really make another appointment to see that therapist. But at least you give everyone a chance to see how bizarre and retarded racists think. Thank you for this demonstration. Now go back to your mother’s sofa. You have more precious time to waste away hating me merely because you were told that you are superior and better than me. I have news for you. You have been lied to!

          • Gunn Wrights

            I know – it took me over a year to respond… that’s how much I care about people like you. I didn’t admit to being a racist – I said I don’t care what you call me! Dispute the *FACTS* – as I stated before, I am inconsequential. What matters is improving the image of your race? Is it not?

            Now *DISPUTE ME ON FACTS* – and calling it ‘fabricated data’ when I retrieved it from the US Census [providing citations and links], is not a discussion, it’s a dismissal of the truth, which you cannot face. Why is that?

            I have no desire to be a white supremacist, actually, it’s my hope that we can all live in peace and harmony – but you’ve YET TO EXPLAIN how 13% of the population can be over 40% of the problem. You simply dismiss the data as ‘fabricated’… what are you afraid of? *IF MY DATA IS FABRICATED – please PROVIDE ME THE PROPER DATA*!!!!! Bring your own facts, not your own opinion!

      • Gunn Wrights

        +We are all Nubian and all of you who blame whitey for your problems. Listen to the words of Milo Yiannopoulos – a gay man, who knows a little something about discrimination! Again, he shares the FACTUAL STATISTICS of where blacks should focus their attention in order to make their lives better (hint: it’s not going to get any better by simply blaming whitey). You are entitled to your own opinions, but NOT YOUR OWN FACTS! Watch the truth, if you think you can handle it:

        Your BLM movement is yet again another way, in CURRENT society, that black people are ruining their own lives, and their own communities. This has to end, and whitey is not the issue!! You need to (1) Admit there is an issue within your own neighborhoods and communities, and (2) Be willing to do something about it. Blaming whitey, starting BLM, burning down your own towns, blocking streets, shooting cops etc. etc. is not going to help your cause any.
        So, I’ll try just 1 more time to tell you all, current black society needs to figure out a way to bring themselves up – and stop blaming every problem you have on the white man… it’s getting old!

        • If Black people shouldn’t oppose injustices done to them, then when we
          had 911 we didn’t have the right to start a war or hunt down anyone.
          Since AMERICANS kill more people than died in 911 in a single day of the
          year. Yet, how many wars were fought over 911? How many more people
          died because of such injustice? You guys can go and fuck yourselves with
          this BS. LMAO

    • Caitlin W

      Ahhh so the inbred found his fame! Congratulations!

    • Caitlin W

      Just to let you know, you’re a piece of shit racist. Your mother should have swallowed you like she did your cousins hahaha!!

  • Theresa Mischeski

    Gun Wright’s, May I explain something to you that I would like you to just sit back and think about, Now try to imagine having anger inside you raw emotion, Now add to that not knowing you’re heritage because it was stolen, America has a Generation of angry people without a identity, Can you even imagine what that feels like? I will attempt to address the thing’s you said.Poverty is harsh I myself know, Living in the Hood is harsh I also know that, Now when you growup around poverty And violence it becomes part of you,I have a record all violent offences from my young day’s, does that make me a bad person? Absolutely not I was a product of my environment and I will always have that dodgy side,Have you ever lived in a hood? It’s a tough place even tougher in you’re country due to you’re CIA purposely planting crack,heroin And guns,That is common knowledge, So add crack to already angry people and what is the outcome? A generation of Gangbangers with guns all trying to make money without regard for other’s, Now when you live week to week as I do all you think about is money,how can I pay the bill’s ect, Lifes hard,But try going through life knowing you know nothing about where you came from and yearning to know but it was stolen from you,That creates a perfect storm,I will address the single mum’s now,These women have grown up in a society where so called beauty is everything and what beauty do they see? Think about it what are we woman bombarded with on TV etc, unrealistic expectations so called perfection,Now how many are black women? Exactly, so they are looking for love making bad decisions because of all of the above. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW Jesus said that and America is now reaping the harvest of murdering, raping,beating ,starving people they stole from there birth right land.You now have a rightfully angry generation. Just think about how you would feel if that was you.Have some compassion these kids are angry and they themselves don’t know why yet because it’s deep inside.

    • Gunn Wrights

      Oh… how much you assume to know about me. Truth is I DID GROW UP IN THE ‘HOOD’. My parents were 16 & 18 when they had me, so yes, I know what it’s like to be poor as shit, I saw all the violence, drugs, gangs etc. and it made me SICK!! Plus, being white in all that, didn’t make it easy for me.. I constantly heard stupid shit from blacks like, “oh, white girl think she cute”, or “white girl, I heard you said something about my mama”, or “white girl looking at my man – you know he only like dark meat”… etc etc… so yes, I know about racism as well!!!

      The second I was old enough to get out of that mess, I JOINED THE MILITARY!!!! Free housing, free medical care, free food – everything taken care of for me, and in return, I get the PRIDE of serving my country while learning discipline and responsibility!!

      I saw the stupid shit going on around me, and I vowed to NEVER become a part of that crap!! I found a way OUT! Of course I had a record as a teenager – drugs, violence, theft etc. good news – that was all when I was a minor… so, when I joined the military at 18 – none of that mattered!!!

      While serving, I also went to school (paid for by the military) – ended up getting a Master’s degree – because I **WANTED** and **NEEDED** to make something of my life… and by god dammit, I did it!

      I met a lot of people in the military from ‘the hood’ – the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Compton etc. So, how can a few of us succeed – while probably 95% of you keep perpetuating the ignorance – how many kids do you have while on welfare?

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