The United States Of Racist AmeriKKKa Done It To You Again!

You all prayed to Jesus for Hillary to win, while your enemies prayed to the same Jesus for a Trump victory, yet your Jesus gave you an answer.  When you pray to the same god as your enemy, you get what you deserve since, Jesus is a Trump and Clinton supporter. .. Never get the BS twisted!Donald Tramp racist Trump

Black people need to wake up as nap-time is duly over.  Either way, the vote wouldn’t have made any difference to black people, upon realising these people cannot and won’t ever help our situation. Since we cannot organise ourselves properly, we then have ourselves to blame for the inevitable demise we’ve now succumbed.  And I’m sure many (unconscious), subconsciously feel they need governance by the white oppressor before they ever hold faith in their own kinfolk.  Hence justification for their ass-licking vote.  Four years is what we now have to get our ass into gear and find someone credible to stand for us.

If a million black people were to spend as much time investing in black owned businesses as we spend learning how to work for white people, we would solve much of the wealth gap overnight.  But it seems our futures are now determined by a resurgent racism that has infected America.  Barack Obama failed to tackle racism and naively believed, he could change America through reasoned debate and collegiate working. It was naivety beyond belief, while he moderated they plotted and planned and now his ‘legacy’ of a post racist America, will be wiped away in the first 100 days of Trumps presidency.

Hillary Killary Coons!
Hillary Clinton Supporters!

The racist white vote increased and the black vote is not the reason why Hillary lost. She got 93% and the black turnout was insignificant to the amount of whites who voted for Obama.  Trump had the overall majority increase in rural White America – which is all Trump.  While Hillary lost ground on the white vote.  But unfortunately these two were the candidates the U.S. elected to go against each other.

Trump is an astute business man with dirty secrets and tax evasions so far up his ass plus, he gave voice to the racists, the ignoramus and the uneducated; the words people always wanted to say, Trump said it. He is a TV personality and he became a president with no political background – just like Reagan.  So, a celebrity won, not a man for the people, but a racist, bigoted comedian, who took rise from saying whatever he felt like and got away with it.

Melania, bare-it-all Tramp Trump
Melania, bare-it-all Tramp Trump

Melania, bare-it-all Tramp Trump Melania, bare-it-all Tramp TrumpWe now sit back for the next 4 years and ponder how redundant we’ve really been as a nation, whilst that bigot and his bare-it-all, illiterate consort of a concubine 3rd class lady, revel in our tax contributions scheming our fate.

Time to wake up, rise up, and stand up and be counted my people!

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