Beautiful Women Of Ghana Are So Cultured – Divine African Queens

Ghana women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Testimony to the certainty that African women have got it going on all the way. This article illustrates traditions and mind blowing photographs of Ghanaian women who are among some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Shea Butter – Women’s Gold!

Shea butter is collectively recognized as “Women’s Gold” since it is the women who manually collect, sort, crush, roast, grind, separate the oils from the butter and shape the finished product, and it’s all done with the majority sold at ‘so-called’ fair trade.

Women living in rural communities individually collect the fresh fruits and the kernel is processed to extract the nutritious ‘Shea butter’ oil.

Shea butter offers immeasurable health benefits as a cooking oil and food/cosmetic ingredient, and is widely available in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

Shea Butter is coveted by global cosmetic companies for its amazing moisturizing properties. As an increasingly sought after ingredient in everything from soothing and nourishing hair and skin care products to lip balms and exfoliating creams – the benefits of Shea Butter are in high demand everywhere around the planet.

The process of Shea nuts usually takes place within local cooperatives where between 100 to 1000 women work every season, which are mainly operated by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or are small local businesses. Women employed via the cooperative either sell the nuts they collected from the communal lands where the Karite Tree grows or, they process them into unrefined Shea butter. It takes three kilos of Shea nuts to yield one kilo of Shea butter (1kg equals 2.2 pounds).

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Beautiful pictures of Ghanaian women that will make you drool because these women are so damn fine! We often could hear Ghanaian women as well as other women from Sub Saharan Africa get downplayed for obvious reasons, such as the deep link between Ghana and African Americans. Actually, African Americans have much to be proud of when it comes to beauty and women from West Africa, because many of them are drop dead gorgeous! Women from the Eastern part of Africa seem to get more attention due to their European-like features and less wide noses. However, to me African features are very exotic and attractive traits. And as these women prove, African features rock! I hope you enjoy this post about Ghanaian women and you appreciate their beauty as much as I do!
























Ghana women are beautiful and divine women.

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 Beautiful Women From Ghana

 Gorgeous Ghanaian Women


 Beautiful Women From Ghana














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   Image result for ghana women






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