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After many years of insulting black women and pitting black men against black women, the effect seems to be vastly tearing at the confidence of dark skin people. I think the problem is that somewhere along the line, dark skin people forgot how beautiful and special they were. As a result of that madness, the rest of the world has forgotten how beautiful dark skin women are. The psychology is evident. If you tell the most beautiful creature on the planet that they are not beautiful and get others to agree with you, they will begin to feel less about themselves.

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The truth is, dark skin women are very beautiful. It amazes me how the rest of the world doesn’t acknowledge that. That makes the rest of the world lost, with false concepts and ideologies about what true beauty is. The conditioning of America claims that you have to have light skin or white skin to be beautiful. Centuries ago, black people would pay these concepts no mind. But as technology increased, along with that came the technology that the mass media could use to carry out virtually any agenda.

Dark Skin Women In Media

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Today in news articles and stories on television, people have been programmed to deny that dark skin women are beautiful. This has effected the rest of the world so vastly.

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What I do know from mostly common sense, is that when black dark skinned or brown complexion men start to downgrade dark skinned women, then a problem emerges.

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Society has attacked dark skin black women so much that even black men have begun carrying out a misguided agenda against black women, claiming that they are not beautiful and less of a woman. There have even been popular media channels set up on social networks, where black men have basically set up channels to denounce dark skin women.

The popularity of degrading black women has effortlessly caught on with black men. It appears that even when being black is the butt of a joke, black people participate in an effort to fit in. What is commonly seen and thought of as high school mentality, has apparently shifted to the masses. This time, the joke isn’t about black men. Because black men feel like they are free from this particular attack, some willingly chime in and degrade black women as well, without realizing, that they are secretly the butt of every joke and attack against black people. Sorry brothers, but you have not escaped ridicule.

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Some, not most, black men are handing their black women over to the wolves in a desperate attempt to fit in with a supremacist white society that has downgraded and killed black men and black women for centuries. It’s put to black men as if now they have justification for the predicament they are in. Let’s blame the black women because she didn’t do a good job raising the black man. But this is not fair and this is not accurate. For if anyone deserves to be punished for their role in bringing up black men, enough blame can be passed to black men.  The burden is for the black men and black women to share together.

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The new trend of black men attacking dark skin black women is a frightening game that will have vast frightening repercussions. If a dark skin man devalues a dark skin women based on hype, then in essence, he is not only downgrading his mother and all the women and ancestors of his family, but he is also downgrading himself. Wouldn’t this make him less of a man at best?

The black woman is without argument, the most beautiful gender on the planet. She comes in vast colors and shapes and sizes. But you can always recognize a black woman by how her body is shaped and how she is built. The black woman is built strong and her shape is something to be desired. Even when the black woman is not trying to be sexy, she automatically is sexy. The black woman possesses a figure that no other gender on the planet has. Black women are physically strong and usually dominant athletically.

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Black women have every reason in the world to be confident. Some secretly desire or lust after many of the black women’s attributes that she has naturally. Though throughout history, certain attributes, such as full luscious lips, curvy shape and bigger behinds were once played down, now they are more popular than ever, sending those without these attributes to surgeons paying tens of thousands of dollars to be built like black women. The black woman is so attractive, that even black women want to look more black! But it’s only natural that black woman would have such pride in their genetics. After all, who doesn’t like looking attractive?

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Mind Games Against Dark Skinned Women

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Black women (and men) across the world, especially in India, Jamaica and Africa, have begun a unique new process that involves bleaching the skin, which has vast consequential effects and can even result in death. But it’s a desperate attempt to finally be beautiful. When a person denies their own beauty, it will be no wonder that the rest of the world denies it as well. This is only natural. But the dark skinned black women has had a lot of assistance in debasing did a very debasing article against dark skinned women that has claimed that they are the most unattractive women on the planet. In a unique twist to the article, they have made a claim that black men are the most sexy and desirable men on the planet. Too many things are wrong with this article that was changed and then deleted from the popular website.

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Let’s start by understanding the complicated and majestic beauty of the black woman. Let us understand that not only do black women have amazing bodies, they hold a unique and compelling beauty that is rarely found in people of other cultures and races. Once we truly understand how amazing and beautiful dark skinned women are, perhaps they will begin to understand and appreciate their own beauty.

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Dark Skin Women Are Pretty

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      beautiful black woman curly majestic afro


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Facebook Comments

  • Lauren Beth

    Calling black women royalty is nonsense.
    It does nothing to help black families, black health or black wealth.

    it’s nothing but brown nosing, simping, ass kissing by hyper emotional
    young men that were taught by their mother to put every woman on an undeserved pedestal.

  • arcanetheman

    Sorry but my mom never taught me that. She taught to respect everyone
    and life experiences taught me the opposite. I respect and put black
    women on a pedestal the same way many white men put white women on the
    pedestal, because I love myself. I come from the black woman, so in
    order for me to be great, I must come from greatness. And since Yea, I’m
    pretty awesome, black women are also pretty awesome, or I could never
    be. Smart white people figured this out already. Dumb black coons will
    never figure this out. That is why they will never be great!

    • Lauren Beth

      why are they queens? are they direct descendants of Egyptians? …
      weren’t many African slaves came from other parts of Africa? in
      retrospect, why would black women in America be queens, if they are
      welfare-poor?… economically, nor poitically, nor culturally they are

  • Jesus was black dude. We all have black in us. All white
    people have Sub Saharan African in them. Better yet, every human being
    alive has traces of Sub Saharan Africa. We know that human civilization
    began in Africa, which the original name was Ethiopia. Every human being
    on this planet is Ethiopian. Have you ever noticed how closely white
    people resemble Ethiopians except for having longer noses and almost
    invisible lips? Okay, Now imagine what an Albino Ethiopian looks like.
    Then imagine what he would look like once he was banished to caves in a
    cold climate. Following me?

    Remember, black people can create white
    people but the opposite is not possible unless white people carry black
    dna, which you used to have until the transformation into neanderthals.
    Once you became human again, less of the Sub Saharan DNA was visible in
    your genes. That’s why white people can no longer produce black babies.
    But I will do you better than that… Every animal or plant in all of
    the planets ecosystem naturally produce no white. We can only produce
    white fruits and veggies by gene manipulation. So put frankly, even if
    Jesus did appear tan, he was still black. We all are.
    Even those of us who underwent the neanderthal metamorphosis.. that’s why
    the black woman will always be beautiful, even to white people like myself…
    it’s because they have mothered us all.

    • Niyoka Dorsey

      Wow!!!! Great answer I’m very impressed and surprised but THANK YOU IMMENSELY

      • Thank you my dear and the pleasure is all mine. I am glad you liked it. 🙂

      • He is awake. Good for him. What I am about to share with you is something that is known by the elite whites and they no longer combat this information. The only way you can get an Albino is through inbreeding. Somehow that gene has survived up until today, which is why in Africa, they kill Albino’s for that very reason. The only way you can get white is through the process of inbreeding. It holds true fro animal life, fruit, plants, and yes.. especially human beings. The truth will set us all free.

    • Jena Troelsgaard

      Actually not true. There have been reported cases of repigmentation in certain tribes in India.

      It’s called evolution. These tribes had lived further north where less pigmentation was favourable. They migrated south and all of a sudden more protection from UV light was favourable. Therefore their skin got darker over generations.

      You are a product of adaptations to your environment.

      • So I suppose you reject the out of Africa theory and all relevant material suggesting that Nubian black people fathered and mothered everyone else in the world. I suppose you reject what they are teaching your children in school. Isn’t that using your imagination to rewrite history? LOL

        • Jena Troelsgaard

          No… I absolutely don’t deny I come from Africa. What makes you think I do?! I love how we all adapted to environments and look different. It’s proof of evolution. Of course if you are religious that will be no use to you. And you WON’T want that taught in school. lol

          I am educated in evolution.. what I see is racism on both sides. Judging by your comment you are part of the problem.

          • Okay. I didn’t see where you were going with your comment. I think diversity is a good thing. I guess I put you in a bag with white supremacists who deny history. I am not religious at all. Just spiritual. I do have a strong faith in God, but not religion. I rely on my own spirituality. I also don’t buy the whole evolution theory. Not sure I even truly believe the Earth is what they say it is. I do question everything.

            As far as my being racist. I don’t consider myself racist. I love beauty in all its forms and I have nothing against white people who are not part of the problem. There is racism on both sides, keeping in mind, when black people are racist, it’s due to dealing with white supremacy and not being able to overcome a systematic racism that feeds off of oppressing black people. That’s just what it is. And I believe that we move forward once we conquer racism together. I love humanity but I speak up for my people because intellect and experience shows me we have it the hardest. I try not to be apart of the problem, but to act as part of the solution. Like I said, I’m not demeaning white people or calling them any bad names when I uplift black people. To me, it’s not about that. I hope for unity one day. But that won’t happen until black people become more progressive and afforded more opportunities to be successful. Don’t try to pet a lion after you just got finished whipping it. In other words, my Nubian people need to understand their greatness and I want to play my part in letting them know that they are great. I believe racism is bound to end soon, but only because I believe black people are bound to wake up to the injustices that we face and band together to defeat a corrupt and racist system that was designed to hold black people back. Take a look around Nubian Planet and check out the diversity. The problem is that in a world that tells dark skin people, mainly black women, that they are less attractive due to their skin tone is a crime and a terrible brainwashing job. This thinking needs to be reversed. As long as I can effect any source of media, I will work to dispel such supremacist notions and educate the masses any way I can effectively do so. If that makes me a racist, well… that’s just not right!

          • DNICE

            What is biologically proven does not in any way disprove what is written in the scriptures. We have seen blood go from “black to white” and vice versa in as little as two generations. Again, it’s arbitrary however people have dellusions. As soon as people start saying “us” and “you” or “them” to refer to a nonexistent category, ignorance quickly follows.

      • DNICE

        Thank you. Biologically there is NO such thing as race. People feel obligated to act a certain way or identify with a certain group based on the norms of the society they were indoctrinated into, it’s quite interesting to see actually, human behavior is really something.

  • Georgianna Solely

    As a black woman, I think that women in general are jealous of each other, regardless of race.

  • Lauren Beth

    black women are evil and crazy, they are they reasons for the problems

    • Jermaine Hardy

      You’re the evil and crazy one for the dumb comments.

  • Lauren Beth

    the most dangerous place for an African American baby is inside a black
    womans womb….. Just being an outsider looking in at this information
    it makes me sick the way black women regard life. There are universal
    laws that we all have to follow, and black women for some reason feel
    they are above it. Killing children is a personal attack on god and black women are number one in abortion rates. They kill more babies in a year than the klan killed in a total of 125 years! Queen??? I don’ think so!

  • Man Of Knowledge

    Black woman are goddesses. Not to be confused with perfect. No man alive is free of sin. But the black body is the most awesome and divine on the planet. God sure crafted true beauty when he perfected and sculpted the amazingly refreshing black woman. I can get drunk off the taste of her skin, entranced by those deep eyes, and high off of a single kiss. I love dark skinned black women.

    • DNICE

      Black women are absolutely stunning, and they stay stunning well into older age!

  • HelenJewels

    Black women are hot but Latino women are the best women! We got it going on!!

  • Jermaine Hardy

    Black Women = The Mother of Civilization. Peace and blessings to all of the beautiful Queens, Empresses, Goddesses and soul sistas. Much love.

  • Carolina Sander

    Being black is unique. Being unique is extraordinary. You can try the fakeboobs from fake ababy for those black women with flat chested.

  • Lauren Beth

    Every single woman on here is gorgeous! I love being a black woman!

  • Christopher Kelley

    “The black woman is without argument, the most beautiful gender on the planet.”

    So I can’t even argue that ‘black’ (actually, space is black; no human is) women are entirely the same GENDER as ‘white’ women? If you mean that they are without argument the most beautiful women on the planet, then I know plenty of people across the country or world who disagree, and find other ethnicities and skin colors to be preferable. To state that either or any side is more beautiful than another, or all others, is simply out-and-out racism, simply being practiced in favor of ‘blacks’ instead of the (anger-inducing) normal hostility to them: if it were to become prominent, it would just as simply result in nothing more than an inversion of the historical trend of the last millennium, where one side is still put down in order to aggrandize the other.

    Why can’t you people understand and accept that women of every kind are beautiful to Real men, and that if ‘stuck on a deserted island’ with any of the women portrayed here, OR any of the LIKEWISE beautiful, non-‘black’-skinned across of the world, such men’s desire to take them, have passionate sex with them and have them bear their children is ~99% unchanged? You should all be ONE with the rest of OUR people…i.e., HUMANITY…not emphasizing separation and division. If you slice open your palm and what flows out is red, then you’re the same ‘core’ color as everyone else. If not, you should be taken to a hospital immediately.

    … And if you’re now about to reply, “You’re WHITE, you’d never understand what we’ve gone through in being made to feel like we have, so shut the [deleted] up, now!”…?

    …You’re right, I don’t know what it is to feel that, precisely. Evidence (despite assorted destroyed records) indicates that my mother’s family would know far more about the threat of concentration camps and gas chambers, in the 1930s-1940s, regardless of skin pigmentation. Discrimination based on color is only one among many prominent ways people have come up with to try to claim they’re fundamentally better than each other.

    • I wish I could say that I enjoyed your soliloquy, but I can’t make that statement. You want to end racism, then you wouldn’t have come here. I don’t have the power to do that. Now, if you have actually read the blog and not just the pretty pictures of dark skinned black women, then you would understand that this article is in no way racist and doesn’t put any other woman down. But as soon as a black man acknowledges the beauty of dark skin, then the racists come out in the droves. I wonder why such a realization is so threatening. Do you randomly go to articles and blogs and argue that white people are not the most beautiful? I sincerely doubt it. You , my friend, are in fact, the main racist and hypocrite here. I stand by my affirmation that black women are the most beautiful women on the planet. No!!! THE GALAXY! If there were life on other planets, their beauty could not compare to black women, by no stretch of the imagination. I do hope I am making myself quite clear… I don’t care about your race or what you have been through. And I can’t claim I have been through a lot or had it hard as a black man, other than living in this racist world. Before you feel inclined to attack me and my article, I would rather you read it so you can actually understand what you are disagreeing with. Not just because it simply burns you up to hear another black man say that dark skin black women are the most beautiful women on the face of the earth! the darkness puts me in a trance and speeds up my heart. What can I say? I am honest. And I have never once said that white women are not attractive. I just exclaimed that dark skin beauty is supreme to all other types.

    • Barbara Zamunda

      What a douche. Doesn’t this twerp realize that many of us “white” people love this website and understand exactly what you are trying to achieve here? We know this website is not racist and we are all here to appreciate the existence and beauty of Nubian people. But some of these racists are so full of themselves, it turns me!

      • DNICE

        There’s no you or us other than in your head, you’re doing exactly what you’re saying you’re mad about. Wake up.

  • Jena Troelsgaard

    If only you could’ve refrained from implying that black is better than white and not just equal, this wouldn’t have been as much of a pile of racist crap. If you can substitute “black” in your article with “white” and you all of a sudden find it deeply offensive and racist. Guess what? It’s RACIST! Maybe if you hate whites so much you should get your dna checked. I’m sad to inform you that on average people identifying as black in America have around 25% European dna. Your beautiful black butt is contaminated with ugly white gene. Oh nos. lol

    I can’t help but think the reason you feel the need to go above and beyond with how much better black is, is a deeply seeded inferiority complex. We can all ride the same busses and use the same toilets. Stop living in the fucking past. Stop creating an “us and them” scenario distancing yourself from the “evil white man.” This inferiority complex bullshit has got to stop, it just fuels more racism and stops people from grabbing the opportunities for greatness available to them.

    Also, the way you mention Egypt shows you haven’t actually been to Egypt and don’t know what the people look like. lol In the north people are Arab and gradually the further south you get you see features slowly change to what is normally associate with African.

    • HelenJewels

      Oh no your racist ass didn’t. I am white and I know exactly where he is getting at. That’s why I joined Nubian Planet and I support what this website is trying to do without question or judgement. If he was racist as you say, then I wouldn’t even be allowed to join. However, this medium gives Nubian people a voice. And please quote on this article where he says white people are ugly! There you go twisting things which is what our race is commonly referred to as doing and then you accuse. You are the poster child for the average white racist! How dare you? And sweetie, let’s be serious… we know that black genes are dominant and I don’t blame black people for not identifying with their white genes of their ancestors that were raped and tortured and killed. You have a lot of nerve. There is nothing racist about spreading unity and he just said he wasn’t racist or putting white people down. You make me ashamed to be white because your petty trolling ass comment is proof of why black people should hate white people you dunce. And black people come in ALL shades. Anything white people have in Africa was stolen heritage and stolen land, just like in the US. So your ass is going to say that America is a white land??? What a troll! Africa started out black and every land in Africa started out black, just as Europe started out black and every land on the planet started out black. Sometimes I am racist of white people simply because of racists like you. Want to make a difference? There are tons of racist white websites you could be trolling and taking up for black people but your racist ass won’t do that. You disgust me and you are a disgrace to white people who think nothing like you. So if you don’t like what is being said, then go away! Uuuggghhh!

    • DNICE

      I ain’t mad at ya! Agree whole heartedly, this “my race is superior to your race” shit is obtuse indeed. Why is it that humans think degrading other human beings (and that goes for everyone) somehow makes them feel better about themselves. I do prefer brown skin women as a matter of what’s visually pleasing, to me, however there is no biological difference between “white” or “black” people.


    Biologically there is no such thing as race which is why every single article mentioning the word all sound so obtuse. The words black or white are actually just a descriptive term and have no real significance other than the effect such dellusional thinking has had over the masses. People adapt to whatever region they are in. However, since I checked out this page to see beautiful brown skinned women, I have to say that while all the women on this page are beautiful, they are overly made up, straightened hair (most), and are appearing to try to appeal to society’s idea of what beauty is. Honestly I see beautiful black and brown women everywhere and the most beautiful of them don’t even wear any makeup! I mean NONE! Beautiful women on here though.

  • Its not your fault sisters, we as black men let the Caucasian man steal and taint the most valuable treasure that we had, and that is the black woman our Nubian queens we were supposed to be your protectors and we failed!

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