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The Sahara Desert Is The Real Garden Of Eden
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The Sahara Desert Is The Real Garden Of Eden

The Sahara desert is actually the land surface that glues all other land surfaces on our planet together, and also keeps all life on our planet alive. Without the Sub Sahara desert, we know that life on our planet would not exist.

The sand alone from the giant expanse called the Sahara Desert, could bury the entire world 8 inches deep. The Sub Sahara desert is the largest desert and the hottest place on the planet. The Sahara Desert is the most suitable place on the planet for life to have been jump started.

Today the Sahara desert lies in what’s called the desert belt – a region of dry air North of the equator. Strong winds clear out the clouds and dry out the land. Wind blows sand crystals all over the planet and is responsible for Florida’s illustrious red sky scenery.

Aquatic sea life has been found buried in the sands of the Sahara, including the remains of whales. There is an abundance of fossils in the Sub Saharan desert that proves that it was once an ocean. This is truth that the Sub Saharan desert is the most rapidly changed place on our planet that we know of. Sea life such as whales would have been drawn to the region due to its abundant resource of life and food. The ocean of the Sub Sahara stretched across our entire planet. Its called the Tethys sea and most of the Sahara was submerged in it.

The entire continent of Africa is underpinned by a giant piece of the Earth’s crust called a tectonic plate.

The Sub Sahara Becomes The Garden of Eden

20 million years ago the Sahara desert was a lush tropical swamp. the Sahara first turned from swamp to sand 3 million years ago.

In 1991, a NASA spaceship made a surprising discovery. Using a new type of radar, NASA took a 30 mile wide scan of the Sahara desert. The radar pierced the sand to a depth of 16 feet and revealed an ancient network of waterways crisscrossing the desert.

The Lakes of the Sub Sahara region weren’t just lakes, but they were mega lakes, rich with life and there are still shells and fossils of the abundant aquatic life that existed there. These mega lakes covered 10 percent of the Sahara, making them 3 times as big as the Great Lakes.

Every 20 thousand years the earth wobbles on its axis in orbit, and the climate shifts. These shifts cause the Sahara desert to be filled with life.

How The Sub Sahara Seeded The Entire Planet

The Sahara desert has within it the remains of billions of tiny microscopic freshwater creatures. Rich in organic matter, it turns the Sahara dust into a super fertilizer. From this amazing desert, comes nutrients that are life bearing. Every year, more than 500 million tons of this dust are blown by the trade winds across the Atlantic. In the Caribbean, each year, the entire Island is replenished with  90 million tons of African Sub Saharan desert. In Florida, the dust creates marvelous red sky sunsets. This magic dust of life also feeds the rain forests of South and North America. This super dust keeps alive a range of organic life.

The world is not only getting hotter, but its about to get a lot wetter. As the climate is currently rising, this causes the air to rise, dragging in cool moist air from the south. This will create more clouds and rain. Within decades, the Sahara will be transformed, yet again, to a tropical jungle paradise.

The Sarah Desert has created its own weather system that is not only responsible for creating life, but for keeping the entire planet alive.

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