The Love Hate Relationship Between Black And White Women

There is obviously a love hate relationship between black and white women. The two polar opposite race of genders compete on virtually every level. For instance, white women have always envied black women.. even so much that they kidnapped an African women and put her in a zoo for display. The black women possessed something so fascinating that white women didn’t understand.. black features, which are the most beautiful features on the planet.

White women want assess. The black woman is naturally suited for a big butt to support her strong infinite curves.

White women want bigger lips. White women virtually have no lips and used to tease black women for their luscious lips. Now that we have advanced, the white woman can’t get enough collagen put in her lips.

Black women have curves. White women do not typically have curvy bodies. Since it is considered exotic and sexy, they want those curves and go out of their for them.

Black women want lighter skin. Seems to be the rave these days.

Black women want straight hair. As much as it doesn’t make sense to lust this attribute, they spend billions of dollars a year on weave that matches the texture of white women’s hair.

Black women want lighter eyes, which is a trait seen more frequently on white women.

A message to all women is to be happy in the skin you are in. Value your natural attributes and shine!


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