Everything That’s Wrong With Interracial Dating

Interracial dating is bad. At least according to some. But do these ideologies have any bearing? You have to consider, everything that our ancestors went through is valid when fathoming interracial dating to the minds of Nubian people. Our ancestors have kidnapped, raped and burned alive for even being suspected of dating white women. White women also have a higher incidence of killing Nubian babies than even the white man. In fact, her death toll was so high when it came to rearing slave babies, that a new law that forgave her for this evil deed was put in place to save her from criminal charges.

Also, white women have been known historically to call rape when no rape had actually taken place, just to see harm come to the Black man. And now Black men openly date and fetish white women, so much, that they even put down Nubian queens just to justify their sickness. Yes, it is a sickness when so much has been done to someone that they actually embrace the descendants of these people. Not to be racist here, but can we at least be factual. Nubian men, you are the most lost people on the face of this planet!


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