Can A White Woman Call Herself A Nubian Queen?

In the age of cultural appropriation, some white women have begun to feel entitled to being called Nubian queens. And it’s racist for you to feel otherwise. The truth is, you can’t have a White Nubian queen anymore than you can have a Black queen of England. The ancestry doesn’t line up. But that doesn’t stop the appropriation from happening.

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Now, when you hear a black man calling his white wife or girlfriend a Nubian queen, it could be his self esteem or the realization that he has done something wrong by being with her in the first place. He tries to atone for his judgement by calling the woman a Nubian queen which identifies her in his own mind as being Black.

This shows that he already feels like he did something wrong, and in his mind, he tries to correct the behavior by appropriating. The only deeper problem is the lack of respect for his own culture. White people were never Nubians and to refer to them as such is a huge insult.

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The truth of the matter is that no matter how hip she dresses or how long she gets those braids, she is still a white woman at the end of the day. No matter how dark she gets her suntan or how full she gets those lips, she is still a white woman. No matter how much cement she gets injected in her butt, she will still be white. So let’s respect our true Nubian queens because they have been through a lot and no matter how much you fancy someone else, let’s not be so quick to throw cultural labels around.

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White women should not feel okay being called Nubian queens either. Its distasteful and if her man refers to her as such, then its time to put him in his place. What she will remain is his snow bunny or white queen and they should both be happy with that.


  • Elder Jimmy Biggs

    See it’s more than just wanting too. It is DNA. The Asian are closer to being Nubians then the Europeans. That’s how we were made. So The Europeans will have to wait for the Asians first to become Nubians, then they can partition to become Nubians. However this will came at a great cost. the melanin injections and the effects of this process (Of Which have not been tested on the masses before) for starts. Cultural, Language, foods, attire… Etcetera. An undertaking, I don’t think that I would go through. And of course none of this changes the Deoxyribonucleic acid,(DNA) From Negroid through Mongoloid to Caucasoid, which is the primary goal.

  • anonymous

    Hell no!!!

  • Diamond Queen

    Hil-ar-ious! But a part of me says why not? To be honest, in this time of shared ancestry, I don’t see the harm. The first man was scientifically proven to be African, and if all men came from that one, I don’t see any DNA differentiation. I have always loved the Indian culture with the Red Dot on the forehead and the delicate jewelry, but felt that if I immersed myself into their cultural dress, and wore the painted hands and beading in my hair and what not I MAY be offending someone. But after the young lady posed or assumed the identity of a Black woman at the N-AACP I have wondered why they don’t just have the cake and eat it too. Perhaps one day they will want to have slave re-enactments so that they can truly see what it was like to be a slave. I encourage them to do the whole Sankofa thing and allow me to channel my Massa genes while we are at it. LOL!

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