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The black woman is a work of art. From her full luscious and kissable lips to the dreamy sweet chocolate complexion on the darkest of queens. From her Nubian sculpted eyes to her perfect face that exudes royalty in every magical shade of her wondrous tone. The Nubian queen is perfection wrapped in essence. No […]

Why won’t white people stay out of Africa? Every time I turn around I see a dead animal in Africa that a white person has killed for sport and pleasure. I see white people get the monopoly on Africa’s resources and undercut the African people. I see white people in Africa brainwashing the poor fools […]

In the age of cultural appropriation, some white women have begun to feel entitled to being called Nubian queens. And it’s racist for you to feel otherwise. The truth is, you can’t have a White Nubian queen anymore than you can have a Black queen of England. The ancestry doesn’t line up. But that doesn’t […]

Olivia Palermo visited the Maasai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania. This is where white privilege rears its ugly benefits. She gets to march in front of African warriors and they smile as they march behind her. Must be nice. If I tried to get them to march behind me they would probably spear me to […]

Which image doesn’t belong in this picture? Can you find the image that stands out like a sore thumb and doesn’t belong in this beautiful photograph of tribal women carrying water and minding their own business?0shares 0Facebook 0Twitter 0Google+ 0Pinterest 0LinkedIn 0StumbleUpon 0Reddit

Interracial dating is bad. At least according to some. But do these ideologies have any bearing? You have to consider, everything that our ancestors went through is valid when fathoming interracial dating to the minds of Nubian people. Our ancestors have kidnapped, raped and burned alive for even being suspected of dating white women. White […]

There is obviously a love hate relationship between black and white women. The two polar opposite race of genders compete on virtually every level. For instance, white women have always envied black women.. even so much that they kidnapped an African women and put her in a zoo for display. The black women possessed something […]

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